Sitges Mexican Salad

PERSONAL CHEF Villa Meal Breakfast

Prices are for groups of around 10 people max

(can be less guests & more romantic: at the same fee, if required)


  • Breakfast

  • Brunch

  • 2 Course Lunch

  • 3 Course Dinner

Your Chef charges a set cooking fee, per meal, then ingredients costs are added, on top. To your requirements.

The Chef shops on each day, before cooking &
buys local seasonal products.

Sitges Mexican Salad

How it works

  • Chef will suggest & plan menus
  • Typical ingredients & costs are discussed (around 4€ per person for breakfast : important to get any special requests in early)
  • Meal times & details of the menu for the first meal need to be arranged, in advance, with the chef.
  • Further menus can be agreed on a day-to-day basis
  • Service & clean up is included in the price.
    The chef will leave after the plates from the last course have been washed but won’t stay for the last glasses, etc.
    as this might be very late.

Options & Group Size

  • Additional lunch or dinner courses can be added for a 50€ extra fee, per course.
  • No corkage charge is applied – guests are request to open/serve their own drinks unless additional staff or a bar have been organised.
  • Please state all dietary requirements/allergies in advance
  • More than 10 guests subject to:
    • additional fee per guest (usually pro rata)
    • the venue & whether facilities accommodate your needs
      (additional cooking equipment may need provided)
    • menu, drinks, level of service, additional staffing
    • table/chair/linen/crockery/cutlery/glassware hire costs
    • shopping can attract transport fees, for large groups


Please ‘Contact Us‘ with your requirements from the above


Travel outside of Sitges is normally additional, especially during peak

IVA (VAT) on food is 10%

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